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Find out how you can protect your home and digital lifestyle from cyberthreats.

A: SecureNet is a cloud-delivered network security built with next-generation firewall capabilities to defend homes against cyber threats such as viruses, malware, phishing, and malicious websites.

This service is available for all new and existing Home Broadband customers as a Value Added Service.

A:  The key features of SecureNet are as follows:

• SecureNet Next-Generation Firewall, proactively monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic that grants or rejects network access between a trusted or untrusted site.

• SecureNet Anti-Virus detects and blocks files that contain viruses preventing an infection from harming your device.

• SecureNet Anti-Spyware identifies and blocks the transfer of your private information to Spyware servers online.

• SecureNet Vulnerability Protection has capabilities to block known and unknown vulnerability exploits before software patches are deployed.

• SecureNet URL Filtering limits access to prevent users from accessing phishing or malware sites.

• SecureNet Wildfire Analysis is a cloud-based, machine learning malware detection platform that automatically routes suspicious files and URLs to Wildfire for deep analysis.

• SecureNet Security Postures are available for users to determine their level of security. There are currently 3 levels of security that users can toggle. To know more about the security postures, you may refer here.

• SecureNet Weekly Report will inform you of any threats or website blocked depending on your security posture. This report will be sent via email in PDF format.

A: The SecureNet Service is available to all ViewQwest Home Broadband customers.

A: Customers who have signed up with ViewQwest from 13th April 2021, will get to enjoy free 3 months of SecureNet upon their Home Broadband Activation.

Customers who have signed up before 13th April 2021 and would like to sign up for SecureNet can do via Customer Portal. You may click under Subscriptions > Manage.

A: SecureNet is available at $6.99 (w/GST) per month

A: No, by signing up for SecureNet, your current IP address from ViewQwest will change.

Should you require SecureNet with Static IP, Static IP is also available as a Value Added Service at $4.03/month.

A: There is no limit on the maximum number of users for SecureNet as every user or device connected to Home Broadband with SecureNet will get to enjoy.

A: No, SecureNet provides security features on your network which does not limit or slow down your Broadband speed.

A: Yes, All VASes are supported with SecureNet:

• Freedom DNS

• OneVoice

• Home Network Security

• Vesta Shield

• Static IP

A: Yes, you may terminate your subscription via our Customer Portal. For customers currently subscribed to a Public IP Service, a new IP address will be provided upon deactivation of Securenet.

A: No, SecureNet would only be able to protect you when the user or device is connected to your ViewQwest Home Broadband either via WiFi or Ethernet connection. Should a user surf using mobile data, they will not be protected under SecureNet.

A: This feature is currently under ViewQwest considerations for future enhancements.

A: SecureNet Security Postures lets you select a set of best practices and pre-defined security policies on your network. This lets you control how much restrictions and protection you want for your network with a single decision.

A: By default, all SecureNet subscriptions will be given the Essential Security Posture.

Users can opt to change their postures from Essential to either Enhanced or Max for wider protection.

You may view the different postures here.

A: Depending on the security posture selected, each posture will filter URL differently

• Essential

Blocks Command and control websites

Blocks Malware and Phishing sites


Blocks Command and control websites

Blocks Malware and Phishing sites

Blocks Harmful websites (Adult/Gambling/Drugs/etc)


Blocks Command and control websites

Blocks Malware and Phishing sites

Blocks Harmful websites (e.g. Adult/Gambling/Drugs/etc)

Blocks access to unknown websites

You may view the full list of URL Filtering differences, here.

A: Yes, depending on your current posture you may upgrade or downgrade by emailing us at cs@viewqwest.com with your preferred posture.

A: ViewQwest works with Palo Alto, the global cybersecurity leader that employs the industry’s most advanced analysis and prevention engine.

By tapping on Palo Alto’s industry-leading threat database, any websites that fall under the specific categories will be blocked.

A: Depending on the severity of the threat, SecureNet will either alert or block the user from further accessing the site.

Both alerts or blocks will be recorded in the threat logs which will be sent to you on a weekly basis.

A: A weekly threat report will be sent out to you via email that identifies the URL, the type of threat that was detected, and the action that was carried out.

Should no threats be detected, a weekly report will still be sent containing some helpful tips on how to surf online safely.

A: No, the threat reports will only show sites that triggered an alert or blocked sites based on the activity online for the past week.

A: No, SecureNet does not monitor your online activities.

It will only log activities that have triggered a threat to be shared in your weekly report.

A: Phishing (pronounced ‘fishing’) is the act of fishing out sensitive personal data through the form of email fraud or fictitious websites posing as legitimate organisations.

The recipient usually receives an email purporting to be from a legitimate business e.g. PayPal, eBay or banks etc requesting the user to update/ verify personal information online. Information requested may include password, credit card number, account number, personal identification number (PIN) etc which the legitimate business already has in its records.

The emails appear to be legitimate because the senders use logos and links from the actual website, however, the link to update the user’s information points to a spoofed website resembling the actual site.

A: Legitimate businesses will not ask you to reveal such sensitive information. If you receive such a request, double check the URL, visit the business’ main website, or call their hotline for clarification.

A:  You should always verify any link that asks for your personal information. Seemingly legitimate links are included in an email to take to you to an illegitimate website. To stay safe, you should only open links from trusted email sources or credible search engines to ensure authenticity.

Do not reply to an email with your personal information.

You will only be sending this information directly to the perpetrator.

Attachments contain viruses or spyware that can be embedded into your computer without knowledge.

Ensure the email is addressed, specifically to you. Fraudulent emails are often sent out in bulk and designed to address generic terms such as customer or client.

To report suspected phishing attacks, kindly download the user guides here and send results to cs@viewqwest.com.

A: In the event you wish to request for termination of your SecureNet, you may submit a request via Customer Portal, under ‘Manage’ subscriptions.

Please do note that termination date of SecureNet will be reflected as of the date the termination request is submitted. Termination will be effective within 1-3 working days, and any advance charges will refunded back to you accordingly which can be viewed on a revised invoice that will be sent to your registered email address upon successful termination.

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Send us an email or call us and we’ll get in touch with you!

WiFi Issues:
Check our our Wifi diagnostics tool to improve your network without having to contact support here.

Can’t find an answer to your question?

Send us an email or call us and we’ll get in touch with you!

WiFi Issues:
Check our our Wifi diagnostics tool to improve your network without having to contact support here.