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Find out how to kickstart your journey with ViewQwest Corporate or SME Broadband

A: All ViewQwest Business Broadband plans come with a free router and modem rental together with a 1 month free trial of SecureNet Biz. View our Corporate Plans here and our SME plans here.

A: ViewQwest offer up 12, 24, 36 months contract depending on the plan. Individual plan details can be found here.

A: You will need to submit to us a ACRA file & NLT SME Declaration form to sign up for our SME Offer. The form can be downloaded from here.

A: Yes you can.

ViewQwest will take care of re-classifying your premise with Netlink Trust (NLT) to enable you to enjoy business broadband services. You can simply sign-up directly for one of our business plans here.

Please note that the lead time for such requests will vary, depending on NLT’s requirements, and this might potentially incur additional charges, also payable to NLT.

A: You would have to check with your existing provider on your contract expiry date and factor in the 16 days lead time for ViewQwest broadband service activation (refer to qns 1 above). You will also need to give a 1 month notification to your existing service provider in order to terminate your existing circuit with your current ISP.

A: Most Wi-Fi routers can support around 250 devices at once. This includes computers, phones, and other devices. Having more users may impact of performance as devices have to compete with the available bandwidth. If your business requires more bandwidth, do reach out to our Business Managers at

A: Once we have processed your order internally, we will schedule the earliest available date with you for a NetLink Trust (NLT) site survey. Once NLT have completed the site survey, NLT will proceed with the Fiber Terminal Point installation upon Business Manager approval.

ViewQwest will then proceed to arrange a date with you to install the modem and router and activate the circuit. The whole process will take around 16 Business Working Days.

Can’t find an answer to your question?

Send us an email or call us and we’ll get in touch with you!

Can’t find an answer to your question?

Send us an email or call us and we’ll get in touch with you!