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SecureNet Biz

Find out how you can easily protect your business from cyberthreats.

A: It is a cloud delivered security (powered by Palo Alto NGFW with enhanced security stacks include threat prevention, URL filtering and Malware prevention) to defend against cyber threats. It aims to provide full network traffic inspection and enable a resilience security posture.

A:  All internet traffic will be inspected and performed necessary action (eg: allow, alert, block and etc) based on assigned security postures. Each security posture has pre-defined policies in five (5) security profiles include Anti-Virus profile, Anti-Spyware profile, Vulnerability Protection profile, URL Filtering profile.

A: New and Existing Fibernet Lite / Fibernet customers.

A: No, it is only applicable as an add on VAS for Fibernet Lite / Fibernet service

A: One (1) month. Auto monthly renewal.

A: Yes, one (1) month SecureNet Biz free trial is given by default to all new customer upon signing up for Fibernet Lite/ Fibernet services.

A: Yes, up to 5mins. No onsite Field Engineer support will be needed.

A: No, existing Static IP Address will not be able to retain and customer will be given a new Static IP Address. There will be a downtime up to 10mins and onsite FE is needed.

A: Yes. To opt out, the customer need contact us via phone at (+65) 6723 8100 or email at Customers will be charged for one (1) full month if the cancellation occurs after the free trial.

A: It will not affect any Fibernet Lite / Fibernet service so long as the Fibernet Lite / Fibernet contract is active.

A: SecureNet Biz will be charged at $17.16 per month for Fibernet Lite and $25 per month for Fibernet regardless of bandwidth (up to 1Gbps). Auto Renew will be set up for month on month payment.

A: No, SecureNet Biz is a full cloud delivered service.

A: No, while SecureNet provides additional security features on existing network, the speed will not be affected.

A: Security Posture refers to an organization’s overall cybersecurity strength and resilience in relation to cyber-threats. There are three (3) security postures includes Essential, Enhanced and Max.

A: Recommend best practise – Enhanced security posture. Customer can choose essential/max security posture for more lenient / strict respectively which in line with their security policy. Refer to security posture section for more details.

A: Yes, customers are allowed to change the security posture (Essential, Enhanced and Max).

A: The Security Report is a weekly report to provide visibility of the past 7 days’ threat logs and top blocked websites.

A: The Security Report will be sent to the customer registered email. Customer can email VQ at or call us at (+65) 6491 1010 to request for specific report schedule (date & time).

A: No, ViewQwest will always maintain and manage them with industry best practise.

A: Pre-defined policies are set to perform necessary security action when threats are detected. Eg: Max Security Posture will block all gambling sites. Refer to the Security Postures Section for more details.

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Send us an email or call us and we’ll get in touch with you!

Can’t find an answer to your question?

Send us an email or call us and we’ll get in touch with you!