Work-From-Home (WFH)
Private Network

Dedicated Connection • Low Latency • Service Multiplexing

WFH Private Network

ViewQwest’s WFH Private Network directly addresses the main issues that Work-From-Home employees face — network congestion as they connect to office networks via VPN and competing for bandwidth with their family members over the same residential broadband pipe.

VPNs typically tap on the home or public network to run. In addition, many businesses have planned for VPNs to be used mostly by remote staff or staff who occasionally need to work from home. In the current situation where Work-From-Home is mandated, the internet connection at home will be strained under the weight of shared home and work usage.

ViewQwest’s WFH Private Network allows the office network to be directly connected to homes by  installing a second residential broadband line that connects the employee directly and privately to the office network without VPN.

Homes that can install fibre broadband mostly have two fibre optic terminal points for the entire household. Typically, only one of the terminal points will be used for the residential broadband service. The ViewQwest Private Network will then be connected to the second, spare terminal point to build a private network which connects to the office network.


High-performance Connectivity Exclusively for WFH Use

Provides guaranteed bandwidth between the employees’ home & the enterprise network
and it is not shared with regular home usage resulting in optimal connections.

Extends the Enterprise Physical Private Network to Employees’ Homes

Available island-wide over Singapore’s high-speed fibre network and accessible only through the physical connection from home, ensuring enforcement of WFH measures.

Fully Secured and Resilient

ViewQwest’s WFH Private Network runs on ViewQwest Layer 2 network, not over the public internet and are separated from other circuits, providing businesses with secure and dedicated connections to handle real-time data sharing and transactions.

Our WFH Private Network also offers direct access from point-to-point and point-to-multipoint locations that is stable, resilient and private.


WFH Private Network is a scale-up service, with minimal lead time required for bandwidth upgrades and cost-effective site additions. Moreover, it can either be always available or on demand depending on whether your business requires the network. With a range of bandwidth options available from 10Mbps to 1Gbps, businesses can enjoy the flexibility and scalability even after the crisis when business operations resumes to normal.

Disaster Recovery

It is ideal for businesses to implement their disaster recovery strategy, providing dedicated connectivity links between primary and disaster recovery sites, enabling replication of data in real time.


Low Latency

Delivered on our resilient and robust network, ViewQwest guarantees <3ms end to end latency within Singapore, while maintaining a stable, reliable and resilient connection that ensures minimal latency, jitter and packet loss.

High Performance Network

With symmetrical upstream and downstream bandwidth of up to 1Gbps delivered to offices or data centres, ViewQwest has built a carrier-grade optical network with a 100Gbps core backbone, capable of delivering ultra-fast speeds with next to zero downtime, ensuring your business operational efficiency.

Service Multiplexing

ViewQwest’s WFH Private Network service allows for multiple Ethernet services to be handed off at your business’ User Network Interface (UNI). It provides a single physical connection to the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) with multiple virtual connections across our layer 2 Ethernet network.

Service Level Assurance

Delivered on a high performance Metro network, ViewQwest’s WFH Private Network service offers built-in redundancy, enabling us to provide a 99.95% core network availability SLA.

The ViewQwest Advantage

Network Expertise

We have delivered advanced connectivity solutions from our Singapore headquarters since 2001, and are the only integrated carrier operating on both sides of the Causeway.

Global Reach With an Asian Focus

We deliver secure, global network connectivity to sites in over 150 countries through extensive carrier partnerships. In North and Southeast Asia, we have experienced local teams on-ground spanning commercial, technical, and field network services. ​

Trusted Infrastructure and World-Class Practice

Our industry-certified network, delivery, and service management organization is highly regarded by our customers and peers. ​​

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