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Your digital enterprise requires a network that is not only robust but also intelligently adaptive to evolving needs. Through the power of next-generation SD-WAN and SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), you can propel your enterprise into a new era of efficiency and security where ultra-fast and reliable connectivity meets unparalleled security.

ViewQwest has helped many enterprises through their digital transformation journey, turning every network and security challenge into an opportunity for innovation and growth.

Multi-Branch Enterprises

Remote Workforces

Cloud-First Enterprise

Widely distributed geographic locations

Branches are situated in widely distributed geographic locations, facing connectivity challenges that result in inconsistent quality and operational complexities.

Different branch types and office sizes

Companies with various branch types and office sizes require a right-sized solution, offering flexible cost structures to meet the unique needs of each branch.

Digital-enabled branches

For these types of branches, uninterrupted and high-quality connections are imperative to safeguard productivity and revenue, ensuring a seamless experience for users and devices.

Every branch, user, device and application is a potential entry-point

With this setup, advanced security measures are essential to protect them all and maintain the integrity of your network.

Network and Security Excellence at Your Service

ViewQwest offers robust Managed SD-WAN and SASE to deliver optimised connectivity with integrated security.

Rapid and straightforward branch setup

  • We help you activate branches, remote sites, or pop-up locations quickly and easily, offering business agility while ensuring reliable operation of vital business applications.
  • Utilising advanced predictive analytics, we help you gain full insights into anticipated future network needs and swiftly scale bandwidth across your network to adapt to changing demands

Strengthen security across all locations, all devices, and all users

  • We identify and preempt potential security threats, allowing for the minimisation of risks and the resolution of issues before they affect your operations
  • Our analytics tools provide both network administrators and users with foresight into potential threats and service disruptions

Simplify IT operations and reduce costs

  • We can eliminate unnecessary hardware and software expenses, streamline network management, and reduce operational complexity.
  • We offer comprehensive management of your network, backed by our team of expert engineers and service managers always ready to support and align with your strategic goals.

A Transformed Network:
SD-WAN and SASE in Action

Centralised Control and Visibility

Simplified network management with a centralized dashboard for monitoring and controlling the entire WAN.

Optimised Bandwidth Use

Dynamic routing of traffic to leverage the best available paths and reduce costs.

Improved Performance for Critical and Bandwidth-Intensive Applications

Ability to prioritize business-critical traffic and applications for consistent performance. Supports applications requiring high bandwidth, such as VoIP and video conferencing, by optimizing the network.

Integrated Security

Combines network security functions like secure web gateways, cloud access security brokers (CASB), and more, all in a single service.

Zero-Trust Network Access

Ensures secure access to resources by verifying every device and user, irrespective of location

Global Cloud Footprint

Delivers consistent security and network performance to users and applications, regardless of their geographical location.

The ViewQwest Difference

ViewQwest delivers on the 3 critical factors that drive the success of your enterprise network and security transformation: technology, connectivity, and managed services.

Powering Customer Success




Financial Services

The ViewQwest Advantage

Network Expertise

We have delivered advanced connectivity solutions from our Singapore headquarters since 2001, and are the only integrated carrier operating on both sides of the Causeway.

Global Reach With an Asian Focus

We deliver secure, global network connectivity to sites in over 150 countries through extensive carrier partnerships. In North and Southeast Asia, we have experienced local teams on-ground spanning commercial, technical, and field network services. ​

Trusted Infrastructure and World-Class Practice

Our industry-certified network, delivery, and service management organization is highly regarded by our customers and peers. ​​

Discover how ViewQwest Managed SD-WAN and SASE offerings can be the cornerstone of your digital transformation.

Connect with us to tailor a solution that aligns with your unique business objectives and sets you on the path to a more agile, secure, and efficient future.

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