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ViewQwest delivers award-winning network solutions for businesses across the region. Combining next-generation technology with industry-leading practices, ViewQwest empowers businesses to achieve their goals without compromising on security or performance.

Managed SASE and

Businesses are pressured to adapt to the changing digital landscape. With hybrid and remote working arrangements on the rise, they must scale up and secure their IT infrasturcture. However, the limitations of legacy solutions make it difficult.

ViewQwest’s Managed SASE and SD-WAN solution provides unified, cloud delivered network services to help organizations optimise and fortify their operations as they scale. With its integrated security capabilities and centralized management platform, ViewQwest delivers a comprehensive and cost-effective approach to managing the modern digital enterprise.

Secure and Scalable solutions

Maintain a Secure, Broad Network

Keep your business safe from cyber threats and compliant with industry regulations and data privacy standards, wherever it is based.

Improve Network Performance and Agility

Deploy remote or pop-up locations quickly and easily, gain full network and application performance insights, and guarantee reliable operation of vital business applications.

Simplify IT Operations and Reduce Costs

Eliminate unnecessary hardware and software expenses, streamline network management, and reduce operational complexity.

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How It Works

The ViewQwest Difference

ViewQwest delivers on the 3 critical factors that drive the success of your enterprise network and security transformation: technology, connectivity, and managed services.

Threat Prevention Capabilities

Prevents known threats across all traffic in a single pass without sacrificing performance.

Advanced URL Filtering

Stops unknown web-based attacks in real time, using an ML-powered web protection engine to prevent patient zero.

DNS Security

Predicts and prevents malicious domains, neutralizes threats hidden in DNS tunneling, and applies automation to quickly find and contain infected devices.

Wildfire-enabled Secure SD-WAN Solution

Automatically detects and prevents unknown malware, powered by industry-leading cloud-based analysis and crowdsourced intelligence from over 85,000 customers and 40+ partners.
Our best-of-breed solutions are the product of the combined expertise of ViewQwest and Palo Alto. A leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure, Palo Alto Networks offers seamlessly integrated, cloud-based security and next-gen SD-WAN solutions powered by machine learning.

2,800+ satisfied customers worldwide

The ViewQwest Advantage

Network Expertise

We have delivered advanced connectivity solutions from our Singapore headquarters since 2001, and are the only integrated carrier operating on both sides of the Causeway.

Global Reach With an Asian Focus

We deliver secure, global network connectivity to sites in over 150 countries through extensive carrier partnerships. In North and Southeast Asia, we have experienced local teams on-ground spanning commercial, technical, and field network services. ​

Trusted Infrastructure and World-Class Practice

Our industry-certified network, delivery, and service management organization is highly regarded by our customers and peers. ​​

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SecureNet Biz is a cloud delivered security (powered by Palo Alto NGFW) to defend against cyber threats. It aims to provide full network traffic inspection and enable a resilience security posture.

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