How To Build A Smart Home The Smart Way


Imagine a home where you can automatically control your digital devices — lights, TV, security cameras, air conditioning—remotely via an internet connection using just your mobile device.

At this moment, a little over a third of Singapore homes have adopted a smart setup. And the number is expected to grow to nearly 70% in just four years. 

In a smart home, homeowners can control their smart home devices remotely from wherever they are via an internet connection. With it comes increased convenience, better security, and energy cost reduction. And while transforming your space can first seem like a daunting task, with enough preparation, it can be as easy as flicking on a switch.

Begin with the right smart products

As you begin building a smart home, it’s best to start with essential devices before moving on to other home aspects such as for entertainment, the kitchen, or cleaning. 

  • WiFi Mesh System: Nearly all home automation devices require a fast and stable internet connection. We recommend setting up a full WiFi mesh system to increase your coverage and efficiency so all your smart devices are connected. Through a system of ‘nodes,’ it creates a larger network to eliminate dead zones. You can view some options at the ViewQwest E-Store
  • Smart Lighting: Set timers on your lights or control them remotely. You can choose between smart bulbs or smart plugs. Smart plugs can be attached to normal lighting fixtures like lamps, while smart bulbs can be used in home lighting fixtures on ceilings, floors, or outdoors. 
  • Smart Thermostat: Arrive home with the perfect temperature already set. Smart thermostats link to your air-conditioning unit or system so you can control the device while still away from home. 
  • Smart Locks & Cameras: Keep your home secure the smart way with smart locks that you can trigger through your smartphone, or with your fingerprint or a personal code. Monitor your home in real-time with smart cameras and other security devices like motion detectors and smoke alarms that can send alerts straight to your phone.

Get a digital assistant

While you can control your smart devices through their dedicated apps, we recommend getting smart speakers as a central hub for more ease of use. 

This way you can control everything through simple voice commands using a digital assistant like Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or Google Assistant. Just make sure your devices are compatible with the digital assistant of your choice.

Spend time to set up

Once you have all your devices, it’s important to devote time to set everything up to ensure things go smoothly. This includes finding suitable spots with a nearby power outlet and stable WiFi signal, setting automations, naming devices and setting passwords, and grouping devices if you prefer to activate them together.

Browse through the accompanying product guides for quick manufacturer tips and troubleshooting advice. This step may take you a few hours, but once you’re done, you’ll be glad you took the time. 

You’re on your way

Once you’ve done all these steps correctly, you can begin reaping all the benefits of your smart home set-up: convenient and easy control of your entire household, increased security, and lowered energy costs. 

Start building your smart home today by browsing the ViewQwest E-Store where you can purchase home automation devices at discounted prices. For the fastest broadband plans with stable connections essential for any smart home, check ViewQwest’s Fibre Broadband Plans that fit any budget.