How To Create The Optimal Gaming Room Setup


In the world of online gaming, how you set up your space is just as important as how you plan your in-game strategies. It’s about ensuring efficiency in movement, comfort in function, and consistency in design. 

Whether you have a desktop or laptop gaming setup, a mobile device, or a complete gaming console, playing in the right environment contributes to a winning gaming experience. 

Level up with the fastest network

Having the newest gaming console and accessories will be for nothing if they’re paired with a slow network and high latency. Start with the basics and make sure your home broadband plan has the fastest speeds and best latency to give you a smooth online playing experience, and a large bandwidth to accommodate other devices in your home. 

A wired connection is best for consoles, but if you have to rely on WiFi, it’s best to invest in a mesh system to ensure there are no weak or dead spots. Make sure to check out the ViewQwest E-Store and find the best one for you.

Arm yourself 

It’s your accessories that bring the whole gaming experience together. For example, you could get a mouse that’s specially designed for gaming. Such products are usually designed for increased comfort, and come with great quality-of-life features like additional trigger buttons, or software that can help you adjust your mouse’s sensitivity. Most people prefer a wired mouse over a wireless one for consistent connectivity and no lagging. 

Keyboards have become a separate hobby in itself with many proclaiming the wonders of mechanical keyboards over membrane ones. Mechanical keyboards have a spring-loaded mechanism to press a physical switch and have a more tactile feel, giving a more satisfying gaming experience. Choose the best switch for you.

Monitor Progress

Choose a monitor that’s appropriate to the size of your gaming space, as well as the desk it’ll be sitting on. When shopping for one, be aware of refresh rates. A high refresh rate will give you the best experience when playing fast-paced games. At the same time, make sure your CPU is also fast enough to relay all the information to your monitor.

Last but not least, determine if you prefer headphones for a more personal experience, or speakers to immerse yourself in the gaming world.

Be the chairman of the desk

The best gaming desk setup allows you to not only house all your accessories and gaming console, but is also comfortable enough to let you play for several hours without giving you shoulder or back pain. 

When selecting one, make sure your wrists are at the level of your elbows when in a seated position. Your monitor should also be at slightly below your eye level to prevent straining your neck. Choosing an appropriate gaming chair helps with all these. Look for a chair that gives appropriate back support, is height adjustable, and made from sturdy material. 

It’s in the details

Many games are best played with microphones or headsets to communicate with other players on your team or the other side. If you’re into streaming your games, it’s best to choose a quality condenser microphone for the best audio quality. And to create the perfect gaming ambiance, try LED strip lights that can be controlled remotely.  

When you’re about to siege the enemy or storm the castle, preparation is key. And when you’re armed with the best gaming equipment, you’ll be ready to take any mission with style and comfort. 

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