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Telcos Tackle Cyber Threats With Broadband Filters To Keep Malware Away From Devices

SINGAPORE – Telcos are tackling the rise in online scam cases and other cyber threats with the use of filters built into the broadband network to detect malicious software used by cyber criminals. These network filters act as gatekeepers that prevent sensitive data that may be stored on Internet-connected devices in an office or home, such as … Read more

Having Wi-Fi trouble at home? Here’s how to optimise your network to improve connectivity

Picture this: You are working from home and your folks are binge-watching the latest thriller series on Netflix. For some baffling reason, your Wi-Fi connection is spotty, so you get on a call with your Internet service provider’s (ISP) technical support team. After 42 minutes of troubleshooting, you are ready to throw in the towel … Read more

How To Build A Smart Home The Smart Way

Imagine a home where you can automatically control your digital devices — lights, TV, security cameras, air conditioning—remotely via an internet connection using just your mobile device. At this moment, a little over a third of Singapore homes have adopted a smart setup. And the number is expected to grow to nearly 70% in just … Read more