Why you should prioritise speed and security with your ISP


In a connected, global city like Singapore, broadband access is a basic necessity. All the island’s internet service providers are able to provide a basic broadband experience, and the market is already saturated with one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world.

Singapore’s broadband penetration eclipsed the 100 per cent mark as early as 2010, with some households even boasting multiple connections, according to media research group Kagan. Data from Statista put the number of internet users in the country at 5.58 million in 2022, a number that is projected to grow to over six million by 2028.

However, as the number of users hooked up to the digital world grows, cyber threats continue to proliferate as well. In 2022 alone, more than 4,100 publicly disclosed data breaches occurred, resulting in roughly 22 billion records being exposed. Constant vigilance is increasingly important, especially as more of our personal and financial data becomes available online.

The good news is that there is an ISP that believes security is just as important as fast internet speeds – ViewQwest.

On a mission to provide better internet


Internet speeds are often the first thing consumers look at when selecting an ISP. ViewQwest has always been at the forefront of speed and connectivity, setting the pace for faster internet speeds in Singapore. The ISP was one of the first to offer 1Gbps, 2Gbps, and 10Gbps speed milestones for homes.

The company was also one of the earliest to offer Wi-Fi 6 bundles. Compared to earlier generations of Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6 brings faster throughput speeds, improved power efficiency, and less bandwidth congestion. This is great for households with multiple connected devices, including smart home appliances, ensuring your network doesn’t slow down.

For ViewQwest, speed is everything. To answer one of the most frequently asked questions about which ISP is the fastest in Singapore, one only needs to look to Ookla’s Speedtest awards.

ViewQwest bagged the Speedtest award for the fastest fixed network in 2022 for the fifth year running, testament to its commitment to providing blazing-fast speeds to consumers. The ISP has consistently worked to maintain and improve network speeds and resiliency, especially as businesses and homes shift to a digital-first mindset. Above all, ViewQwest has its eye on the future, and it is poised to remain the leader in the next generation of the internet with rapid adoption of the latest technologies.

Speed and security go hand in hand


But speed isn’t the final word when choosing your ISP. The security of your network matters too. From phishing scams to malicious ransomware, cyber criminals are becoming increasingly inventive in bypassing your defenses. ViewQwest’s SecureNet is an always-on solution that conducts full network traffic inspection to and from the internet, automatically blocking suspicious activities and online threats.

Unlike most other software provided by ISPs, which usually offer only end-point security or limited parental controls, SecureNet is based in the cloud and embedded directly into the network. As long as your device is connected to ViewQwest broadband, you’re protected.

SecureNet ensures that you never have to worry about whether it is active. Its 24/7 secure web-filtering and content monitoring services allow it to pre-emptively detect and block cyberthreats. To cap things off, you don’t even have to set it up, and there are no apps to install or settings to fiddle with. SecureNet operates automatically in the background, and you and your family can navigate the internet with a peace of mind.

“With pervasive connectivity and ever-increasing reliance on the internet comes a steep rise in cyber threats and increase in cyber crimes. Fast internet is no longer enough. Security is not an option but a necessity. We believe consumers and businesses do want to protect themselves, but the perceived complexity and cost are the big hurdles to adoption,” says Ms Jurist Francisco-Gamban, chief marketing officer of ViewQwest.

“As a service provider, we could not just allow this and leave our customers unprotected.  This is why we designed and launched SecureNet to provide effective and easy-to-adopt network security for homes and businesses, without need for any application app or hardware to be set up or installed on the customer’s side as it is built into ViewQwest’s broadband service.”

At the end of the day, speed and security are at the core of all of ViewQwest’s offerings – and what makes a good ISP. The demands on ISPs are only going to increase, as increasingly bandwidth-hungry devices and content arrive in our homes and on the internet, and cyber threats continue to multiply.

The digital world is here to stay, and ViewQwest ensures an internet experience that is fast, seamless, and able to keep up with evolving threats. After all, you deserve the freedom to do whatever you want online, without having to worry about malicious actors or that dreaded loading bar.

To find out more about SecureNet and how it works, click here.

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