SecureNet Cyber Threat Report | October 2021

According to Cybersecurity Agency Singapore (CSA), more people in Singapore are falling prey to various cyber-attacks such phishing, malware, or having their accounts hacked.

Today, nearly 37 percent of Singaporeans have reported that they were victims of at least one cyber-attack in the past year.

As a local internet service provider, it is our mission here at ViewQwest to not only provide our customers with the fastest, but also the safest internet connection. Thus, we make sure that all of our customers are safe with SecureNet. SecureNet is cloud-based security system that provides 24/7 protection to your network devices with anti-virus, phishing, malware & adware deterrence, URL filtering.

In this report, we’d like to present some statistics on how many cyber threats we’ve prevented with SecureNet, and show how much safer your online activities can be with this service.