Here’s How To You Can Solve Your Home WiFi Issues In A Matter Of Seconds


If you’ve ever experienced video buffering, home connectivity issues or slow speeds while working or browsing online, the problem is most probably your WiFi, not your network. But how can you determine what exactly is wrong? Calling tech support may help. But sometimes you just want to find the problem right now. 

Thanks to RouteThis Helps, you can diagnose and solve your WiFi issues without the need to call a tech support agent. 

In a matter of seconds, know your  WiFi health, determine if you’re experiencing interference or bandwidth congestion, or find out if you have dead spots.

Diagnose on the Spot

The app, that you can now download on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store, allows you to easily diagnose and troubleshoot any WiFi connectivity difficulties you’re experiencing. 

It’s best used when you’re experiencing speed issues, video buffering, WiFi coverage issues, or devices that drop off the network. 

    Easy As 1-2-3

    • Step 1: Download the free RouteThis Helps app onto your phone or tablet from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

    Once installed, open the app and click ‘Begin.’ You will then be asked to enter a code. Please use the code: VQSG

    • Step 2: Select ‘Network Scan’ to start the diagnosis. Make sure you are standing next to your router (about 1m or 3 feet away) before starting the scan. 

    The scan takes about 2 minutes. Do not minimise the app or check notifications while the scan is running.  

    • Step 3: When the scan completes, you will see a screen displaying your speed test result. Remember you can look up your plan speed at ViewQwest under ‘My Account.’ Remember, wireless speeds are expected to be about 10-20% slower than your wires speeds. 

    To see suggestions on how to improve your network speed and coverage, click improve network health at the bottom of the screen. Follow the instructions on the following screen to improve your network.

    Download RouteThis Helps on the Apple App Store here, or on the Google Play Store here.