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Fortify Your Network With ViewQwest’s DDoS Protection Service

DDoS Protection Service

DDoS attacks are a threat to every business and can result in operations-wide downtime, massive financial losses, and damaged brand reputation affecting employees and customers alike. ViewQwest combines ultra-fast fibre connection with a comprehensive global DDoS clean-pipe solution to ensure networks stay available and secure 24/7.

What Is a DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) Attack?

DDoS attacks occur when multiple systems flood a network or website with the intent of either temporarily or permanently compromising it. Distributing an attack across different geographic regions and service providers makes it more difficult to pinpoint the attacker and shut them down.

Managed SASE and

Businesses are pressured to adapt to the changing digital landscape. With hybrid and remote working arrangements on the rise, they must scale up and secure their IT infrasturcture. However, the limitations of legacy solutions make it difficult.

ViewQwest’s Managed SASE and SD-WAN solution provides unified, cloud delivered network services to help organizations optimise and fortify their operations as they scale. With its integrated security capabilities and centralized management platform, ViewQwest delivers a comprehensive and cost-effective approach to managing the modern digital enterprise.

How It Works

ViewQwest’s DDoS Protection Service routes all Internet traffic through our DDoS Detection System, which identifies suspicious traffic patterns. Upon detecting malicious signatures, the traffic is then run through our dedicated scrubbing center, and the cleaned traffic will then be forwarded to your network. We provide DDoS protection at the core router level, enabling us to offer businesses uninterrupted traffic with the lowest latencies.

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With DDoS protection from ViewQwest, your business can stay protected and online at all times.

What We Deliver

Proactive Threat Migration

Off-Premise Protection

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The ViewQwest Advantage

Network Expertise

We have delivered advanced connectivity solutions from our Singapore headquarters since 2001, and are the only integrated carrier operating on both sides of the Causeway.

Global Reach With an Asian Focus

We deliver secure, global network connectivity to sites in over 150 countries through extensive carrier partnerships. In North and Southeast Asia, we have experienced local teams on-ground spanning commercial, technical, and field network services. ​

Trusted Infrastructure and World-Class Practice

Our industry-certified network, delivery, and service management organization is highly regarded by our customers and peers. ​​

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