Smart Living

Peace of mind in your business

Vesta ensures that you are aware of the day-to-day activities in your business and notifies you when any unintended events occur like break-ins at night.

Keep an eye on everything that happens in the office

Round-the-clock monitoring at the office and be able to be alerted in the event of a break in! Also, ensure confidential documents remain confidential with Vesta’s HD Camera.

Maintain physical environment measurements at its optimum

For temperature and light-sensitive premises, Vesta’s TriSensors will aid in monitoring to ensure they are kept at the optimal levels, enabling business continuity.

Enhanced security in your secured zones

Our sensors will allow you to detect in real time unwarranted activity in your secured zones enabling you to take quick action against physical threats.

Secure your physical assets with proactive break-in detection

Install sensors on your valuable assets such as cash registers and safes to immediately detect when intrusion occurs, enabling swift remediation.