Vesta Shield.

The peace of mind you deserve — for your home or business.

Round-the-clock monitoring service to protect the people and things that matter the most to help you live life at home or manage your business, better.

Home & Business Monitoring, Redefined.

This is smart living simplified
Most smart monitoring solutions out there are too complicated to understand and challenging to set up. Vesta Shield is the exact opposite because we will do everything for you – from installation, set-up, to maintenance. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the smart life as it should be.
The information and control you need, anytime, anywhere
Always know what’s happening at home or your business. We have built our platform from the ground up to provide you only the relevant information. View event logs, activate, deactivate, or even create rules using the Vesta app even if you’re not connected to your home or business Wi-Fi network.
Call for help even if you can’t
Our advanced notification engine will alert you and your loved ones, the second trouble is detected and until it is solved in all ways possible – through app notifications, SMS, e-mail, and call. You can define users and the emergency contact list anytime using the Vesta app.
Designed to be unnoticed but meant to be heard
Our small sensors are meant to disappear in the surroundings. However, if an intruder is detected or an unexpected movement is captured, rest assured that the siren built inside the Vesta Hub will thwart any intruders in a very loud way.
Ready for any disaster
Never worry about losing power or Wi-Fi. Our Vesta Hub is equipped with a back-up battery and 4G LTE SIM to ensure it is active and connected even if the unexpected happens.

Meet the system.

Vesta Hub



Door/Window Sensor

Vesta Hub.

The hub is the heart of every Vesta Shield. This device connects all sensors and nanomotes wirelessly with the Vesta app engine to capture information and implement rules. The hub has a built-in speaker that broadcasts voice prompts as well as a siren for alarm. The hub is designed to be online 24/7 with its 10-hour back-up battery and 4G LTE SIM.

Vesta App.

The app is the central engine that controls the entire system. This easy to use mobile software, for iOS & Android, enables owners to create and add users, emergency contact list, devices, and rooms as well as define rules, notifications, and alerts. Moreover, the app provides visibility of all device statuses and event logs.


This tiny device captures information that monitors movement, light, and temperature of any area at home or business.

Door / Window Sensor.

This micro sensor is designed to detect any activity of secured doors and windows, or even drawers and cabinets containing your valuables.


This small device is designed to trigger the hub’s siren in times of critical need. These can be most helpful for people who might have mobility problems such as our beloved elderly family members.

How it works.

  1. Tell us how many rooms or areas you would like to monitor at home or your place of business.
  2. We’ll walk you through which devices and plan you would need.
  3. We’ll schedule an on-site visit to install, set up, and activate your Vesta Shield.
  4. Control your monitoring system as needed using the Vesta app.


Vesta Shield

  • Simplified professional on-site installation & activation
  • Advanced notification engine – app, SMS, call, & email
  • Has back up power and connectivity
  • Whole home protection for as low as $0.60/day
  • Provides 24/7 tech support

Other Self-Monitored Security

  • Complicated DIY installation
  • Limited notification — mostly through app, and some SMS
  • Unusable during blackouts and internet outage
  • High upfront investment
  • Online self-service aftersales support

FOR Home

FOR Business