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Is someone scrolling through your personal data or downloading your confidential company assets as you stream videos, music, connect over video calls for work or scroll through the latest news?

Reported cyber attacks have more than doubled during the pandemic

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Growth in malicious coronavirus-related domain name registrations globally, including malware and phishing


Covid-themed malicious domains in Singapore targeting users with phishing & malware. Highest in South East Asia


Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks from SilverTerrier, a Nigerian cybercrime group occurred in Singapore and the ASEAN region

Source: Palo Alto Networks 

Businesses are accelerating their drive to go digital but are also unwittingly opening new gaps which cybercriminals can exploit. 

Employees are adapting to hybrid working arrangements and now tap on home networks to access sensitive data and corporate resources.

Families and individuals are increasing their online presence across different facets of life.

The reliance on always-on internet-enabled devices for work, home and entertainment open us all to cyber threats that target our family, young and old.

It’s time to secure your personal and professional

life from cyber threats.


A connected world requires reliable, hassle-free security to
protect your digital home and workplace.
Powered by Next-Generation Firewall & machine-learning
technology, SecureNet conducts full network traffic inspection
to & from the internet, and automatically blocks suspicious
activities or online threats.

24/7 Security For Business

Keep your business growing and leave cyberthreats in the dust.

More Freedom From
Monday to Funday

Surf safe with peace of mind and secure your digital lifestyle.

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Next-Generation Firewall

Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls, powered by machine learning capabilities, detect known and evolving threats and effectively stops unauthorized access to your business or home network.

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Threat Prevention

Threat Prevention defends your network from common as well as sophisticated threats. It is constantly updated with the very latest threat intelligence.

Web Filtering

Automated protection blocks access to malicious websites that deliver malware, steal credentials or expose users to criminal activities such as drug use, pornography, and other cybercrimes.

Wildfire Analysis

Real-time detection and mitigation of advanced attacks using Palo Alto Networks' global footprint of Next-Generation Firewall.


Security Simplified

Simply choose & assign a set of pre-defined Security Postures on
your network to ensure all your activities and transactions online
are aligned with your security demands.

24/7 Protection For Unlimited Devices

Subscribing to SecureNet offers you state-of-the-art security infrastructure without the 
hassle—software updates, hosting and related operations are managed by ViewQwest
for 24/7 active cyber threat prevention.

All The Insights You Need To Keep Threats Out

Get more visibility with weekly security reports such as threat logs that offers you the
insights you need to better protect your assets.

Now You Get Security That Fits Your Digital Needs

Simply assign a set of best practices and pre-defined security polices on your
network to ensure all your activities and transactions online are aligned with your
security demands.

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