Speedtest® is the global premiere internet test for measuring network speed, using only the most accurate and consumer-relevant methodology for its network speed test. Every 6 months, Ookla® awards the best network ISP using a proprietary Speed Score™ which measures ISP’s download (90%) and upload speed (10%) to rank network performance.​ ​

With over 2 million consumer-initiated tests taken daily for the period of 6 months in Singapore, Speedtest Intelligence® data was utilized to determine the best fixed network around the world. And the result? ViewQwest tops the rest of the competitors with Speed Score of 298.39, with top speeds of 729.63 Mbps for download, and 835.06 Mbps for upload! ​

With this achievement, ViewQwest has proven that we only give you our best Internet quality and speed performance for unlimited Internet freedom; be it for personal entertainment, family connectivity or business functions. ​

We commit to continue this excellence for your ultimate Internet experience, for everyone!​

Read the full report of the award here (link : https://www.speedtest.net/awards/viewqwest/ )