ViewQwest is Singapore’s fastest Internet service provider for three years in a row

Despite the Internet traffic surge due to the global pandemic, latest figures from Speedtest Global Index place Singapore first with fastest fixed broadband speed, with ViewQwest leading as the fastest Internet Service Provider.

Singapore, 27 November 2020 – ViewQwest has been awarded Singapore’s fastest Internet Service Provider (ISP) for fixed network speed by Speedtest by Ookla for Q2 – Q3 2020. This is despite the global pandemic which led to over 120 percent increase in ViewQwest’s network traffic against the same period as more families tapped on the home network for work and entertainment.

Of the five major ISPs that Ookla measured – ViewQwest, M1, MyRepublic, Singtel and StarHub – ViewQwest emerged as the top ISP with top download and upload speeds of 727.74 Mbps and 772.51 Mbps respectively.

ViewQwest has consistently been awarded Singapore’s fastest ISP since 2018, making this the third consecutive time that it has received the award.

The award is based on the latest result of Speedtest by Ookla in Singapore where it compared 3,677,333 user-initiated tests taken on various Speedtest applications to determine which internet service provider has the fastest download and upload speeds.

In terms of having the fastest fixed broadband speed globally, Singapore was ranked first out of 176 countries in according to the Speedtest Global Index. Singapore’s download speed, which is 229.42 Mbps in October 2020, is almost three times the global average download speed of 87.84 Mbps.

Vignesa Moorthy, CEO of ViewQwest said: “Singapore has adapted to the new norm where majority of work and play are now done at the safety and comfort of the home. As our customer base and their usage continue to grow, we expect further increase in network traffic going into 2021. We have intensified our efforts to ensure our customers will continue to enjoy the fast and reliable network they have come to expect from ViewQwest.”

A fast broadband speed lets families connect more devices to the home network without experiencing a drastic decrease in overall network speed. Network speed at home can also be improved further by having a Wi-Fi 6 set up.

No-router home broadband plans

For a limited time only, ViewQwest is now offering two home broadband plans with no-routers. The plan caters to users who would like to subscribe to a new broadband plan but do not want to replace their existing Wi-Fi set up at home.

At the same time, the plans let families subscribe to the fastest Internet service provider in Singapore without breaking the bank. Users can choose between a 500Mbps and a 1Gbps plan which will cost from $29.90 and $38.90 respectively for a 2-year contract.

Pricing and Availability

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