Leap Forward with

Singapore's Award - Winning
Fixed Network

In the last four years, we have seen a dramatic shift to a ‘digital first’ mindset and lifestyle for businesses, homes, and people. As the world settles into the ‘new normal’, Singapore’s telecommunications networks carry unprecedented traffic to sustain and meet the everyday demands and needs of businesses and individuals. Network capacities, resiliency, and capabilities continue to be put to the test but ViewQwest stayed ahead of the pack – our network speed has again been recognized by global authorities – by winning the Ookla Speedtest Awards for Fixed Broadband for 4 years since 2018.


Fastest Fixed Network in Singapore 2022

Top Download speed

Avg. Singapore Download Speed: 620.66Mbps











Top Upload speed

Avg. Singapore Upload Speed: 586.33Mbps











Stay on the fast lane, and stay connected to the
world from wherever you are in Singapore

As a leading Smart Nation, Singapore is poised to adapt the fastest, in an ever-changing world. This means all ISPs in Singapore will need to offer the highest possible levels of service for people and businesses.

Get ahead with a future-oriented network

The world is changing, and so are we. We continue to transform our network with next-generation
technology and industry-leading practices designed for the new generation of users

A Network Built for Singapore

Our dedicated and redundant connections to the U.S, and shortest high-bandwidth routes to Europe, and points-of-presence across the region and Hong Kong, combined with our fully-owned connection to Malaysia ensures residents and organizations in Singapore are powered by world-class connectivity.

Latency-Based Routing

We utilize smart routing for our 'Raptor Gamer Plans' to constantly test for latency from over 1000 destinations across the globe - and optimize them in real time. This means you get the best possible performance for your intensive applications such as gaming, movie streaming - always.

Power up your Work from Home

Working From Home is the new norm for many professionals. To get the best experience and improve productivity, we ensure that our network is capable of a multitude of high bandwidth-intensive activities such as sharing large files or backing up data. With our high-speed plans & non-restrictive policies, you see what you can achieve even at home.

The most direct-peers of any ISP in Singapore

We have the most direct peers of any ISP in Singapore but most importantly, we believe that free open peering is the best policy, not only for consumers but for businesses also.

"Always Enough" Bandwidth Policy

We constantly monitor total bandwidth consumption on our network to ensure that even at peak times, there's enough for everyone. And as our customer base grows, so does our bandwidth. It's that simple.

Absolutely Zero Traffic Shaping

We believe you should always get the full bandwidth you subscribed for - no matter what you choose to use it for. This is why we do not engage in any form of Traffic Shaping/ Traffic "prioritization" - Or - whatever other providers call it - ever.