Meet Fibernet™

Our Fibre Broadband service, Fibernet™, is built to provide enterprise-grade connectivity for your home. We stripped away all the international bandwidth caps, traffic shaping policies and other limitations that Internet Service Provider usually impose, boosted it with our own intelligent routing tech - leaving you with the full unbridled power that only fibre optic technology can deliver. This is Fibre Broadband the way it was meant to be.

No traffic shaping

Absolutely Zero Traffic Shaping

We believe you should always get the full bandwidth you subscribed for no matter what you choose to use for it for.

This is why we don’t do any kind of Traffic Shaping – or Traffic “prioritization” – or whatever else you want to call it. Ever.

No traffic shaping

The Ultimate
Bit-Torrent Broadband

Peer-to-Peer file sharing is an amazing way to share large files, backup your data and do a multitude of other high bandwidth intensive things (legally!) without companies having to invest in expensive equipment. So why restrict it?

With our high-speed plans & no traffic shaping policy – you’ll see what P2P can really do.

Latency Based Routing

We’re one of the few ISPs using smart routing equipment that constantly tests the latency to over 1000 destinations around the world and optimizes in real-time.

This means you get the best possible latency and faster access to your favorite websites & servers. Always.

Upgrade to static IP Address

Option to upgrade to a Public Static IPv4 Address, so your home has its own little address on the internet.

Use it to host your own servers/sites, easily setup remote access to your CCTV or NAS system. Anything you can think of.

Static IP