2Gbps Single Network Setup
2Gbps Single Network Setup

Your household will be connected to the Internet with the incredible power of 2Gbps bandwidth aggregated over your entire network. This setup will give you a single network on a single IP Address, for easy sharing of files, printers, videos and music.

The integrated modem-router, will have 4 available wired connections, each transmitting at a maximum of 1Gbps speed. You may plug-in 4 computers or internet-enabled devices (e.g. Smart TVs, PS4, etc) and enjoy a combined total of 2Gbps bandwidth.

In order to get Wi-Fi at home, you can connect any access point or router to any of the wired connections mentioned above. This will also increase the number of wired connections available for even more computers or internet-enabled devices. Do note that the router(s) in this case has to be configured as an Access Point (AP).

Common questions:

1. What third-party router can I use in conjunction with the integrated modem router? Can I connect more than one third-party router?

You can use any third-party router that can be set as an Access Point (AP).

You can connect more than 1, provided all the routers are configured as Access Points (APs). You can connect up to a maximum of 4 to the integrated modem router to gain huge Wi-Fi coverage and an increased number of wired connections.

2. My speedtest isn’t going beyond 1Gbps, is this normal?

Yes – Each wired connection on the integrated modem-router, and on the third party router, cannot go beyond 1Gbps. However, the combined total bandwidth of all devices in your household is 2Gbps.

3. What are the advantages of having a single network in the home?

By having a single 2Gbps network, all your connected devices within your home stay within a single local network. This allows your smart home devices to seamlessly discover and communicate with each other, and it streamlines your file sharing between devices.