Frequently Asked Question — OneVoice™

OneVoice™ is available for $3.95/month (inclusive of GST) with a One Time Charge of $50 (inclusive of GST) for first time registration.

OneVoice™ also comes free for 12 months when you purchase a 1Gbps broadband plan, and 24 months if you purchased a 2Gbps plan.

You can opt for OneVoice™ during registration, via the online sign-up portal or indicating your interest on the application form.

Should you choose not to take up OneVoice™ during registration, but change your mind after the broadband service has been activated, please email to and our customer service team will assist you on the registration process. 

OneVoice™ is a phone service that works on VoIP, and thus it is only  available if you are subscribed to ViewQwest Fibre Broadband service.

VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which means that the phone service is delivered through your the internet connection.

Currently, we do not support porting over of numbers from another ISP. We are evaluating future options to address this issue.

Yes, you can simply make your OneVoice™ number private by opting for the Number Non-Display service at $5.35/month (inclusive of GST). Please note that this add-on service comes with a 12-month contract.

No, there is no contract term for OneVoice™. Sign up anytime and we will pro-rate the monthly charge accordingly. However, there will be a one-time setup fee for all new OneVoice™ registrations.

Should you wish to make any changes to your OneVoice™ contract, email with your request. Our customer service team will respond with a notification upon completion of your request.

There are no extra charges for all local outgoing and incoming calls with OneVoice™

Yes, you can. IDD rates apply for all international calls, you can refer to this page for the latest IDD rates.

If you are subscribing to our 1Gbps service and registered for OneVoice™, you will receive an additional hardware called Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA). Simply connect the ATA to the modem provided and your digital phone to start using One Voice™.

No, your numbers are assigned automatically without the option to customize.

You can make local and IDD calls using One Voice. For IDD calls, IDD rates apply. However, calling Toll Free and Emergency Numbers are not allowed using One Voice.