Frequently Asked Questions — Troubleshooting

There are multiple reasons for your slow WiFi. Read our tips and guide on how to improve your WiFi performance here

If the problem persists, contact us at (+65) 3102 0000 or email us at, and we will get our Tech Support personnel to look into your case.

Firstly, please check if another device is facing a similar issue from the same server. If so, drop us a call at (+65) 3102 0000 or email us at We will log a trouble ticket with our engineers for them to conduct further investigations to resolve your issue.

The first question to ask is – Am I on a wired or wireless connection?

You can refer here for the typical speeds of wired and wireless connections in Singapore.

If you are not getting 1Gbps speed for your connection, there are many factors to consider.

Are you on a wired connection or Wi-Fi®?

Placement of router (Is your router too far away from your device? Is it located not at a centralized place?)

Devices and their specifications (Older devices are usually more limited in terms of the wireless speed they can achieve.)

Specifications of router (Is your router bought a few years ago? With advancement of technology, new routers can have higher wireless throughput.)

Are there many walls or obstructions between your device and the router? (Wireless connection is weakened as it passes through walls, and can be affected by other electronics.)

If you are not getting 1Gbps speed on wired connection, try rebooting your modem. If the issue still persists, email our 24/7 Tech Support personnel or call (+65) 3102 0000, and we will assist to troubleshoot further.

Yes, you can proceed to do the switch yourself. If there are any difficulties you faced, do call us at (+65) 3102 0000 or email for assistance. 

Do take note that certain routers may only support a particular Internet Service Provider setups and may not be compatible with ViewQwest.

Please refer to the link below for the step by step guide on changing your modem.