Frequently Asked Questions — Freedom DNS

Freedom DNS lets you view all sites and content that are typically geo-restricted. This is done By rerouting your connection to streaming sites as if you are really connecting from the designated country.  Unlike a VPN, it does not encrypt the data, which allows for a faster connection.

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Our Freedom DNS service is optimized for ViewQwest’s Fibre Broadband and therefore you will need to be a ViewQwest Fibre Broadband subscriber to enjoy our Freedom DNS service. Simply connect any of your devices to our fibre broadband, and you will be able to access unlimited entertainment regardless of geographical restrictions.

You can refer to our Freedom DNS page for the list of supported channels. We are constantly working to improve our service, 

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No. Unlike other traditional VPN services, Freedom DNS does not mask your IP address.

Freedom DNS makes things simple – it is automatically embedded in your Fibre Broadband service. There is no need for any activation on your end. Browse the supported channels on this page at your convenience and with ease!

No, there is no contract term for Freedom DNS. Sign up anytime and we will pro-rate the monthly charge accordingly.