Frequently Asked Questions — Delivery and Installation

After receiving your equipment, simply follow the self-installation guide that will be included in the retail box. If you have any difficulties, email to our Tech Support personnel at or call (+65) 3102 0000.

Time 1Gbps 2Gbps
Weekdays 9am – 6pm $100 Free
6pm  – 8pm $100 $100
Weekends 9am – 6pm $100 $100
Public Holidays No Installations

*Charges are inclusive of GST

Yes, you can. However, our ViewQwest engineers are trained and best versed in troubleshooting for routers that we recommend. We may not be able to advise for other router brands. Please also note that certain routers may be configured to be locked to a particular Internet Service Provider setups, and may not be compatible.

You can use your fibre modem as a bridge. 

For the 2Gbps Single Network, the 4-port Fibre modem must act as the primary router. Any other routers you plan to use must be set as an Access Point. 

If you wish to bridge the modem and use another router as the primary router, you’ll need to subscribe to 1Gbps Plan.

You are likely facing an Insufficient Capacity issue with your Fibre Termination Points (FTPs). All FTPs come with 2 ports, which would allow for concurrent fibre connections or for the first port to still be live while the second is being activated.

Unfortunately, in some cases, there may be insufficient fibre capacity or equipment in the backend infrastructure which NetLink Trust (NLT) is responsible for. In the event that NLT does not have sufficient capacity in their infrastructure, they will need to install additional infrastructure. This will cause a delay in your service activation date. In our experience, the issue usually takes between 4-8 weeks for NLT to resolve.