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What happens after I sign up with ViewQwest?

Last Updated: 2018-04-27 03:46:56

Typically, your internet service at your home would be activated within 2-3 weeks.

Within 1 Week: Upon signing up, our Customer Service Officers will process your application, and we will check to ensure your Fibre Termination Point (FTP) is available for use.

Within 2-3 Weeks: Your equipment – modem and router will be delivered with or without installation (based on the plan selected). Alternatively, you can also arrange for self-collection.

However, there are other factors that may affect your sign-up process:

  1. Your home’s Fibre capabilities: To sign up with ViewQwest’s Fibre Broadband, your home has to be Fibre ready. Should your home not be ready, NetLink Trust would have to send an installer to your home to setup your Fibre Termination Point (FTP).
  2. Fibre Capacity / FTP availability: This usually is evident if you already are subscribed to an ISP. There are 2 ports on the FTP, and one of them would be used by the existing ISP. Therefore, ViewQwest will provision our services using the other available port to ensure that there is no downtime. When this happens, we will arrange for a NetLink Trust FTP testing appointment during application. NetLink Trust will ascertain if there are sufficient Fibre capacity in the port that ViewQwest intends to use.Should there be insufficient fibre capacity, NetLink Trust will proceed with a complementary top up and/or rectification works. However, completion time differs from household to household, and we are unable to advise on the exact completion date.
  3. NetLink Trust appointment schedule availability: NetLink Trust handles all Fibre Termination Point installations in Singapore. Their schedule of availability for an installation date would also affect your sign-up process.

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