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What are the key features of SecureNet?

Last Updated: 2021-04-29 02:01:08

The key features of SecureNet are as follows:

• SecureNet Next-Generation Firewall, proactively monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic that grants or rejects network access between a trusted or untrusted site.

• SecureNet Anti-Virus detects and blocks files that contain viruses preventing an infection from harming your device.

• SecureNet Anti-Spyware identifies and blocks the transfer of your private information to Spyware servers online.

• SecureNet Vulnerability Protection has capabilities to block known and unknown vulnerability exploits before software patches are deployed.

• SecureNet URL Filtering limits access to prevent users from accessing phishing or malware sites.

• SecureNet Wildfire Analysis is a cloud-based, machine learning malware detection platform that automatically routes suspicious files and URLs to Wildfire for deep analysis.

• SecureNet Security Postures are available for users to determine their level of security. There are currently 3 levels of security that users can toggle. To know more about the security postures, you may refer here.

• SecureNet Weekly Report will inform you of any threats or website blocked depending on your security posture. This report will be sent via email in PDF format.

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