Frequently Asked Questions — About ViewQwest Fibre Broadband

ViewQwest’s fast and reliable broadband means:

– You will be able to enjoy seamless streaming of your favouite shows, movies, and music in high-definition
– Upload or backup your photos and videos quickly

Working or Studying at Home
– Be able to host work or study video calls from home
– Upload and download documents in a flash
– Cloud storage, data backup and recovery can be done without interrupting your daily work

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No, a Broadband connection provides internet to your household through numerous lines to transmit data.  Wi-Fi technology then enables the broadband network to be accessed wirelessly by using radio frequencies and signals to receive and send information between devices.

By signing up with ViewQwest, you will get a high speed, stable broadband connection and you can choose a router at a discount* which allows you to set up a Wi-Fi network in your house, allowing you to have internet access wherever you are at home.

*Discounted prices are for 1Gbps & 2Gbps plans only

At ViewQwest, we have our own internet infrastructure, and a team of engineers who are always improving the infrastructure to better support the increasing customer base.

ViewQwest’s Fibernet – Residential Typical Download Speed Range, for our fibre-optic network rate-plans:

Theoretical Speed: 1000Mbps & 2000Mbps

Typical Speed Range: 110.4Mbps to 926.5Mbps

To find out about our Methodology and measurements, please check out this article.

ViewQwest does not throttle speeds or limit bandwidth even during peak hours.

No, all of ViewQwest’s plans come with unlimited data usage.

With our technical practices, the average download speeds you receive at home will be the fastest in Singapore. We care very much about the human touch and every one of your queries is important to us – be it a simple question or a more complicated, technical one. Our customer service and 24/7 technical support teams are there for you via phone, email and social media.