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Tips for New Streamers: How to Improve Your Live Streaming

More and more people are now creating live content and broadcasting it online for the whole world to consume. In fact, 63% of millennials — the largest group of live video creators and consumers — have watched live content, and 42% of them have also created live content.  More than

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How to Create the Optimal Gaming Room Setup

In the world of online gaming, how you set up your space is just as important as how you plan your in-game strategies. It’s about ensuring efficiency in movement, comfort in function, and consistency in design.  Whether you have a desktop or laptop gaming setup, a mobile device, or a

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What is WiFi 6 and how fast is it?

With more people using the internet from home than ever before, the need for fast WiFi has become essential. If your WiFi speeds aren’t up to standard, then this can badly affect what you do online. You can end up being cut off halfway through an important work call or

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Need a change? Here’s your guide to choosing a new broadband plan

Broadband is essential for any modern household, but what type of broadband plan is right for you? What’s the difference between DSL/ADSL, fibre and cable?  Choosing the right broadband plan can depend on a range of factors, including the number of people in your household, what activities you predominantly use

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