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How to Build a Smart Home the Smart Way

Imagine a home where you can automatically control your digital devices — lights, TV, security cameras, air conditioning—remotely via an internet connection using just your mobile device. At this moment, a little over a third of Singapore homes have adopted a smart setup. And the number is expected to grow

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Tips for New Streamers: How to Improve Your Live Streaming

More and more people are now creating live content and broadcasting it online for the whole world to consume. In fact, 63% of millennials — the largest group of live video creators and consumers — have watched live content, and 42% of them have also created live content.  More than

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How to Create the Optimal Gaming Room Setup

In the world of online gaming, how you set up your space is just as important as how you plan your in-game strategies. It’s about ensuring efficiency in movement, comfort in function, and consistency in design.  Whether you have a desktop or laptop gaming setup, a mobile device, or a

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